Friday, 17 September 2010

Top Gear

Yes, the glittering prizes (I'm writing this on one!) and yes, the fun-filled goody-bags too - all most definitely 'top gear'. But this post isn't really about The MAD awards (you can read about that in my guest post on the Butlins website and hear my interview about it on BBC Lincolnshire).

No. Despite not really watching the programme much, the title of this post is actually my tribute to Clarkson and co and the and their driving escapades. Now, I'm no petrol head but what's a blogger to do when he's got several hundred miles to drive back home? I don't know about your journey back from Bognor, but ours was a breeze in the new VolvoS60 wasn't it Karin? And Denise, remember how we laughed when we out-paced that Police Car? And Carol - sorry! I can see now why you didn't feel so well.

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