Friday, 24 September 2010

Psychology Friday

Yes that's right, folks - Psychology Friday.

Allow me to explain. Every week I introduce two rather delightful groups of sixth-form students to some of the most fascinating corners of psychological investigation. I must confess that when I first studied the social sciences, psychology always struck me as a little, well... dull. If you wanted to know about rats and pigeons, you were in heaven; but for people, it had to be sociology. Thankfully, that's all changed and this new course introduces some of the classic studies from the last twenty, thirty, even forty years including Milgram, Bandura, Baron-Cohen (that's Simon btw, not Sacha), Loftus and Palmer, Savage-Rumbaugh and the two Ross's. Even dear old Dr Freud gets a slice of the action, just for old time's sake. Along the way we'll be studying multiple-personality disorders, the psychology of sleep and the brains of London taxi drivers. No wonder the groups just keep growing!

And why shouldn't they grow still further? Well, the practicalities of having to be female, in full-time education, under eighteen and living in Lincolnshire, not to mention the size of my classroom, might prevent further expansion. But if you're interested in a bit of psychobabble, pop along here each Friday and I'll post a thought or two based on the work we've been doing in class. 

Of course, my students have the dark clouds of an exam on their horizon but for the rest of you, just click, sit back and enjoy.

Although I shall still expect you to pay attention!

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