Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Time Flies

Another post-from-the-past today, and appropriately it's about the passage of time and the elasticity (when not at work) of the clock. One of the most remarkable aspects of giving up work after twenty years as a teacher was the fact that my life was no longer organised into fifty minute chunks punctuated by what sounded like a fire alarm. The great irony reading this now in the middle of the summer holiday is both that the days are now wonderfully free of all restrictions (I don't even have to wear a watch) and that - come September - I'll be back in the classroom (albeit part-time) teaching A Level psychology at my wife's school. Summoned by bells, as a poet-laureate once said.

Anyway, this post dates from the 8th January 2009: Tempus Fugit indeed! Not quite the end of my innings as a stay-at-home dad, but getting close to declaration...

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