Friday, 2 July 2010

As easy as ABC

Some music for you today folks. I don't know how these things happen, but suddenly in the middle of an otherwise normal day you find yourself doing things like this:

Does this happen in other families? We're forever creating little mini-musical moments and I can't decide if it's normal or not. Anyway, the Alphabet Song's quite educational, so there's no harm in it. We'll get on to D, E, and F later, when Charlie's learned them. And when I can remember the lyrics.

At this point I was going to add that classic Morecambe and Wise version of the song, you know - the one with Angela Rippon. It's on YouTube. I found it. And got very excited. But you can't view it. Apparently Channel Four has blocked this video in your country for copyright reasons, although what it's got to do with them I don't know. They weren't around when that show was made. Anyway, if you're not in the UK and you want to wander through the alphabet, click the link. And for the rest of us, here's Eric and Ernie with the legendary Tom Jones in another classic. Charlie's learning the 'yeh yeh yehs' even as we speak.

Incidentally, my karoake performance of 'Delilah' still lives in the memory. Sadly, no other more reliable record of the event exists. Although I do still have a pair of someone's knickers.
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