Friday, 14 May 2010

Thank God it's Friday!

That was the title of a column I once contributed (infrequently) to in the TES (Times Educational Supplement). I was reminded of it partly as I've been updating my Further Reading page to include a link to my published articles, but also because, well.... I'm very glad it is. Friday, I mean. I know how politically exciting it's been (fixed-term parliaments, a government that might actually co-operate and listen for a change, a possible - dimly possible - end to the ridiculous adversarial, tribal, 'yah-boo-sucks-you-smell' kind of politics we seem to go in for in this country) but I've not been well. And that's been happening to me. So, in the best traditions of that now defunct Times Ed column (why is it all the columns I used to write for are now defunct?) here's a snapshot of my week:

Saturday: freeze and terrify myself in equal measure accompanying daughter on horrendous rides at this year's May Fair. I have lost my nerve, and resolve never to go on anything more exciting that the carousel, ever again. Charlie, on the other hand, loves it and seems bored on the kiddies rides. 'My go on that one, meez' is the refrain as he watches from his pushchair as his sister is thrown around in the sky.

Sunday: cook roast lunch for Charlie's grandparents, who were supposed to be looking after him tomorrow while I went to Frankfurt (until the trip was cancelled thanks to the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull ashcloud). Still shaky after yesterday's experience at the fair. Decide I need a lie-down.

Monday: still lying down. Thank goodness my parents are still here to take Charlie to (and then collect him from) the nursery. Don't think I could've crawled there if I'd had to.

Tuesday: get up. Parents depart and I return to 'light' duties in the kitchen, although everything is taking twice as long. Phone doctors. Take earliest available appointment, which is for next week, by which time it probably won't be necessary.

Wednesday: toddler group photos. Overlooking the fact that I take Charlie to toddler group in his pyjama top, not a bad day. I remember to take some smart stuff for him to change into and he remembers to smile for the photo. Result!

Thursday: library day. Never has choosing a single book taken anyone so long. Encouraging your child to think for himself and show a little spirit can be slightly irritating when he keeps rejecting all the children's story books in favour of transport annuals from the adult 'trainspotting' section.

Friday: the press (in the form of an ex-pupil of mine) email about the MADS and it suddenly dawns on me that my local cover might be blown. On the other hand, there might be a few votes in it, so I email him back with a link to Sally's press-release. Meanwhile, my #Cybermummy cyberticket has arrived. I shall go to the Ball!

But what should I wear...?

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