Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ready, Steady... Write!

Well, it's the start of term and here's lesson one of the creative writing e-course. You can hear the squeak of brand-new school shoes in the corridor, cut your finger on the crisp white shirts and smell the unmistakable aroma of new pencil cases. Or is that just me? Old habits die hard I suppose, and I have tried to bring a little of my educational experience to bear in writing the course. But don't worry - as already stated, homework will be optional and no one will get sent to the Headmaster.

So, to business. As most of you know, the course will last for ten weeks from today until July 7th. It covers topics as diverse as getting the writing habit to getting published, and draws on a wide variety of experience. There will be exercises along the way and - if you want it - peer mentoring from fellow students, which I'm grateful to Dara for organising. If you haven't completed her survey yet, please do. It's here.

There's a badge, too, and if you'd like to display it on your blog you can simply cut-and-paste the code and show everyone you're serious!

Although most people are happy to receive the course in the body on an email weekly, a few have said they'd like a PDF and that can be download here. All the material is copyright (obviously) but I've no objection to you sharing it with others as long as they come back here and say 'hello'... got to keep the register up-to-date you know! And I'd really appreciate your comments, suggestions and advice as the course gets going too. Towards the end I'll be asking for some more formal feedback, but in the meantime please don't hesitate to tell me if you spot a howler or you think I've missed an opportunity to include something important.

All that remains is for me to wish everyone 'good luck'!

I hope you enjoy it.
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