Thursday, 8 April 2010

On a roll...

... an electoral roll, that is.

Golly, what a week! First some long-drawn-out affair involving The Queen, Gordon Brown and the inmates of that political asylum, the House of Commons; then the on-going excitement of The Mads; and now this - out of over 500 blogs nominated for the Completely Novel Author Blog Awards, yours truly has made a shortlist of less than thirty.

Chuffed? Well, yes. Surprised? Yes, a bit. Worried? Not at all. Oh no... bloody terrified!

I mean... have you seen the company I'm keeping? This is how The Bookseller reported it yesterday. (Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh...) And I've not yet been invited to appear on 'Have I Got News For You'! (Seriously, don't you ever watch those washed-up politicians on HIGNFY and think, 'if only you'd done this before the election?' Neil Kinnock, Nigel LaFarge, Boris Johnson... Well, would Boris have been Mayor without first being guest presenter? You never know.... it might even work for Peter Mandelson!)

Anyhoooo.... As I won't be appearing before the polls close (on April 15th, in case you're wondering) here's how it might have been, if only Brian Blessed had come through for me.

.... and in the very next scene, I tell you THE VERY NEXT SCENE his words were:

Go on...

You know you want to...

I won't put a tax on cider!
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