Thursday, 1 April 2010

I must be MAD

Oh, the wonderful world of meme... Really, Richard Dawkins has a lot to answer for. As have Modern Dilemma (Happiness MeMe) BareNakedMummy (I See, I Hear, I Feel) Gooner Jamie (photo meme of mystery) Claire (My Inside Life) and VegemiteVix (A Haaaaaand-bag?)- all of whom have bloody well very kindly tagged me to do various things, like randomly select a photo (here it is)...

...tell you what makes me happy (this, and not being fleeced for drinking it)

... show you what's in my man-bag (easy - nothing!) and complete the following list of sentences...

I collect... fluff
I cant live without... breathing
My guilty pleasure is... innocent
Our house is filled with...dust
I treasure my... chest
Right now I can’t stop thinking about... it
Currently I am reading... this rubbish
My favourite item of clothing is... not mine
The last thing that really inspired me was... you
My comfort food is... nuts
On my desk are... things
This weekend I will... sleep
Tonight I must... wash-up
I love what I do because... no-one else will.

Well, frankly, I'd love to do all that. No, really I would! But I've got a blog post to write. How can I possibly afford to spend time searching the darkest recesses of my lap-top/brain to dredge up some unsavoury facts and pics which would probably have all of you instantly unsubscribing as well as immediately withdrawing any vague notion you might have had of nominating this blog for a MADS award.

So if you'll excuse me, I have a manifesto to publish.

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