Sunday, 18 April 2010

Dumb and Dumbo

Blu-ray, eh? And HD? What's all the fuss about?

I must say I've been distinctly underwhelmed by all the hoo-ha over HD-ready TV and the super-duper blu-ray DVD extravaganza. But then, I still watch videos. And on Betamax. (No, only joking! They're VHS!)

On my old cathode ray-tube steam-powered telly, the picture's always pin-sharp anyway. My theory is that the need for HD/Blu-ray only becomes apparent when you upgrade to a cinema-size plasma flat-screen TV when the 'normal' stuff begins to blur and pixilate. But having seen a Blu-Ray version of Dumbo recently - re-released and brighter-than-ever - I think I might be starting to come round to the idea. And Dumbo and I go back a long way. It was the album my grandfather bought me for Christmas circa 1969. I can sing all the songs - I shed a tear to 'Baby Mine' and scat with the sarcastic crows 'When I See an Elephant Fly'. Oh yes... and I can even do a wheezy 'Casy Junior' (the train, and Charlie's favourite bit of the entire film... not surprisingly!)...

Anyway, I was pleased to be re-acquainted with an old Disney favourite, and one that's lost none of it's magic.

And nobody does a better soundtrack than those old Disney animations. Dumbo, Bambi, Aristocats... the music is the unsung star of all these films, and a huge reason for their continued popularity. Which brings us back to the record. Here it is, a little worn, perhaps, and scratched. But still much loved.

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