Monday, 1 February 2010

The longest blog-roll in the world evah!

Right. It's competition time. I'm looking for the biggest blog-roll in the world, evah. If you've got more links in yours than I have in mine you win a prize. I don't know what, yet. But I'll think of something. Oh, and while you're at it, how about your google-reader (or similar) subscriptions? Any advance on 250? Do I hear 300? 325? 350?

There's been enough navel-gazing blogging recently (guilty as charged) and I don't really want to add another post to the list. But this is important to me. I've never really satisfactorily re-constructed my blog list since site problems led to them vanishing last November. And every time I come across a long-long friend I dutifully add them to the list. And the list keeps growing. It's now so long I have to limit the number of links displayed or it runs off the page. And that's just the beginning. The number of subscriptions in my reader is even longer. Sometimes the unread posts run into the thousands. Who am I kidding. They're ALWAYS in the thousands!

But the real question, the biggest question is this: how do you make time to read them all? Do you have  a strategy, a policy, a routine. And what about commenting? Do you wait for one of the muses to descend or do you plan it? Scattergun or laser-beam? For what it's worth I read (almost) everything; I'm a fast worker.
And I try to comment on as many blogs as possible. But I also try to do them all in some kind of rotation. It never works, of course.

So what do I do? Cut down on the reading? Reduce the frequency of commenting? No. Of course not. That would be as unthinkable as giving up blogging. But I need some sort of plan. And quick.

Or there'll be no chance of avoiding this....

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