Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bon apetit

It was Sally's birthday party today. She had some friends round, as you do. I cooked them pizza prior to them going to the cinema.

So, it's lunchtime and the girls are at the table eating pizza, Charlie's in his high chair and we're standing around drinking wine etc. when Charlie suddenly objects to something, objects quite strongly, objects, as it happens, to some very large green objects up his nose, one in each nostril, each the size - and colour - of a slice of raw green bean and just about as hard.

Poor Charlie. No really. Sally and her friends were only slightly disgusted, I was only slightly astounded and Charlie's grandparents were only slightly worried. But Charlie was much better for having rid himself of such humungous hunks of hardened mucous. And - waste not, want not - it added not a little something to the pizza topping.

Only joking! Happy birthday Sally. Hope it didn't spoil your enjoyment too much. Love you!
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