Friday, 15 January 2010

I've flipped!

And there's a video to prove it. Rosie Scribble's seen it. As has Clareybabble. It went out live yesterday on JustinTV (I think it's something to do with Mr Tumble) and I'm hoping to see it myself before long. At the time though, like when these pics were taken, I had other things on my mind. Like making lump-free pancake mixture. And melting just the right amount of butter to the right temperature. And pouring it in to the pan without spilling any. And cooking the pancake without it sticking. Flipping the darned thing was the last thing on my mind. As was being watched live on the interweb while 'doing it'. But, hey! Maybe that's why I flipped? Just the once, mind. I wouldn't want you getting the wrong idea. But it was flipping good, even if I do say so myself. And there were witnesses. Cafebebe for one. And MuddlingAlongMummy for two. So in the absence of an action-replay, that'll have to do. Until I get hold of the flipping footage.

Just look at that concentration!

And I didn't swear at Emma Forbes. Not once!

Mind you, Charlie wasn't missing out on anything...

Mmmmm, thanks Fleishman Hillard and Lyle's Golden Syrup for teaching daddy to do this!

Move over, Gordon Ramsey....


  1. Let me be the first to say, "Can't wait to see the flippin' footage!" You look pretty impressive in the photo as it is - very cooking show professional - must be the bright, white apron! (I own a black one - enough said)

  2. OH MY GOD you are making it in the TV world!! I can't wait to see the footage! Did you meet Justin? Did he do one his First Age Little Britain, I mean Gigglebiz trick? God, I need to go out I think...
    Great job, hope the pancakes were good too :)

  3. I hope I flippin' well don't have to keep you waiting long, Rebecca. And that apron - cleanest I've worn all decade!

    A day of pancake fun at the Cookery School in Little Portland Street, Heather...basically being taught the secetsof the perfect pancake. Oh, and eating them!

  4. How exciting and yes I agree you look very professional. ;0)

  5. Sorry PHM, I think I was wrong. It seems not, and no. The Mr Tumble connnection, that it. And as for making it into TV, well... no to that as well. It was a live webcam streamy thing. (Not steamy; it wasn't that kind of webcam...)

    Thanks CM... I didn't feel it! Appearances can be se deceptive.

  6. Oh Emma Forbes, she is a blast from my yooth. Oh and panckes, how I love you pancakes. The boys love watching me flip em!!

  7. I think Charlie missed the moment, MH. As, of course, did Sally. And I've never done it before (pancakes have always been Sarah's thing). Which is why I have to get that footage!

  8. I can indeed report that I did see Tim flip live and I was so impressed I cheered at my computer screen. It would have been funny if he has dropped it though, I have to admit.
    Tim, are you inviting us all round for a pancake day celebration?

  9. Sounds like you had a great time. For christmas I bought my husband a day's cookery course. I'm looking forward to him bringing home his efforts. I think he gets an apron to keep too!

  10. Perhaps you and Sally could do a Fanny & Johnny Craddock?

  11. Ooh, ooh I saw some of it! Through a link on Twitter! You're famous! Well done you, it's a life skill learned.

  12. Wow, that sounds like one cool Christmas present Trish! You'll have to keep us posted (literally) about his efforts.

    Well, maybe Nigel and Nigella Lawson CW... although on second thoughts, I don't fancy being Chancellor of the Exchequer. Maths was never my best subject.

    Well, hold on to those images Tina, because I've just been told the video has been deleted. Wonder if I can re-create the whole thing in our kitchen?

  13. Yay you're a tv star!!!! Looking forward to seeing the video.

  14. Well, a star of Justin TV briefly DJ! And - bad news - I was told yesterday that there wasn't a copy of the film... What a disappointment!

  15. I saw you all on the webcam (not that I'm some kind of stalker or anything!) Looked like good fun and I'm impressed you ventured into London in the snow.

  16. Well, I'm glad someone else saw it MDM. Especially as the footage is missing, presumed deleted. I'll just have to do the re-make: Pancake 2 - The Final Flip!


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