Sunday, 24 January 2010

Finish Line

Well, who wouldn't want to take up the offer of a champagne reception, wine-tasting, good food and a cookery demonstration? To be honest, I'd have been happy with the first three, so the last one was a real bonus. But clearly I was in a rather small minority. James Martin was on stage - and in more ways than one, if you take my meaning...

I hope he escaped Vinopolis with his clothes intact. His dignity might not have been so lucky. What IS this lady doing to his bottom?

I, for one (well, maybe two) was genuinely interested in learning how to cook a three course dinner in just thirty minutes. I was also interested in what Finish had to say about getting the dirty dishes clean. (Quantumatic is the answer.) But I was more interested in the cookery demonstration.

Here is the great man in action making Arbroath smokie pate, pan-fried loin of lamb and cheats 10 minute strawberry gateau. Tasty. I shall be trying it out shortly. And timing myself.

I suppose, given that Finish paid for the food, the wine, the entertainment and my transport, this ought to be flagged as a sponsored post. But there seemed to be no requirement that I write anything. Just that I attend, drink wine, eat food, watch a cookery demonstration and find out - for the first time in my life - what going to a hen-night must be like.

One of these people drives women crazy, has his bottom stroked by random females and is treated like a Chippendale. The other is James Martin.
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