Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bloggers for Haiti

We had a birthday party yesterday. Charlie was two earlier this week. The same age as Radejeson Hausteen who was plucked from the rubble in Haiti after being buried for nearly three days. His desperate parents had tried in vain to reach him until international rescue teams arrived in Port-au-Prince. They finally broke through the wreckage of his home and reached the little boy, passing him along a human chain into his mother's arms. Covered in dried blood and weak with hunger, flesh wounds covering his frightened body, his smile on being reunited with his mother became a beacon of hope in an increasingly desperate race to locate survivors.

And those survivors now need our help. Bloggers across the country are uniting to raise money for a Shelter Box. In fact, as I write, the total raised so far is edging towards the sum required for two boxes. What an achievement! Let's make it three. Or four. Or five. Or however many we can. Each custom-made box contains a ten-person tent, a range of survival equipment and a tool box together with other essential items. Oh, and a children's pack of drawing books, pencils and pens so that the likes of Radejson - who have lost everything - can do the things that children do. You can donate here. Please do. Every little helps. And what a present for the likes of Radjeson!

This is my 200th blog-post. I love blogging; I've met and chatted with a group of super people; I've reaped some of the benefits that bloggers have enjoyed; I've shared the wisdom and experience of a world of on-line parents. But nothing means as much, or makes me prouder, than when the bloggers come together in this way. And I can think of no more fitting way of marking both this mini blogging milestone, and Charlie's birthday.


  1. Thanks for providing the link. Such an important cause.

    Congratulations on your 200th blog post and I hope Charlie had a happy birthday.

  2. Love the cake, and I bet Charlie did too.

  3. I think having kids has resensitized me... seeing those poor kids being pulled from the rubble is heartbreaking but the thought of those they can't reach is far worse.

  4. The least I can do Eoforhild. And thanks for your good wishes; Charlie had a lovely birthday!

    It was a shame to eat it, MSG!

    Absolutely right, Steve, on every point.

  5. I give to MSF and the Red Cross, for there I know that the good I'm attempting is matched by people that know what they are doing, and do it without fear or favour.
    I am very wary of the harm that giving without thought can do. We have had three -the east of the Indian Ocean, the Pakistan earthquake and Mississippi Delta region- in the last ten years where the damage of the natural disaster was compounded by those who thought they were doing good.

  6. Wonderful to se so many bloggers getting behind this cause Tim, and really making a difference.
    And I have to say, that is a fabulous cake. Having seen you flip pancakes I am assuming you made it yourself.

  7. Almost 3 boxes going to Haiti now, hope there'll be some more in store!
    Happy birthday to Charlie and happy 200th post!

  8. Beautiful, you brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Really. thank you, it is an honour to know so many brilliant, generous and caring people.

  9. That post really put the Haiti disaster in perspective. I have already given through the link to Just Giving and there was nearly enough for three boxes. Amazing.

    And wow! What a cake!!

  10. That is a beautiful cake - hope you had a fabulous party

    Great post for a good cause

  11. You made me cry! I seem to do nothing but blub recently! Happy birthday to Charlie, and yes, happy 'bloggiversary' to youuuuuu!


    PS We're now nearly at 3 boxes. Amazing what a few bloggers can do eh?

  12. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting...Bloggers for Haiti is the title of almost every post in my google reader today. The power of internet.

  13. Happy Birthday '2' Charlie, and congrats on post 200!

  14. That's an amazing cake! Happy Birthday to Charlie.

    I think at the time of me writing this comment, 5 boxes have been achieved.

    CJ xx

  15. Thanks Jinksy... nice symmetry about our 'birthdays' I hadn't noticed until your comment!

    What a tremendous achievement Kathryn... makes you proud to be a blogger.

  16. Happy Birthday Charlie!

    Nice cake


  17. Well done, & Happy Birthday Charlie!

  18. Happy Birthday Charlie! And what a photo of the little boy in Haiti. I cannot even fathom what his mother went through, and then to be reunited at last. One would feel like carrying on, no matter what, I should think.

    Cheers on your 200th post, Tim.

  19. Charlie says 'thang-oo' NB. And yes, it was nice. Very nice!

    Thanks WwC!

    Hardly bears thinking about does it Rebecca? And thanks from both of us for the respective good wishes!

  20. Happy 200th Post! :D
    That cake does look fantastic/yummy!

    That made me smile.. a boy being reunited with his Mother. All I've read is the sad stories , I too saw a photo of a child.. well a baby, 9 month's the same age as my Oliver.
    His Mother & Father are dead. It hurts reading about all this hurt that has been caused by this earthquake.

  21. Lovely post linking the story of the child in Haiti with Charlie's birthday. It puts everything into perspective. Those people in Haiti, the children, mums, dads are not just on the TV screens or in a newspaper photo, but are human beings like us. Today they are in need, tomorrow it could be us, si it is our duty to help them. Pity I've missed Charlie's birthday. Big kiss from me although late. Yummy cake! Ciao. A.


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