Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lincoln Christmas Market

Apparently it's the biggest market of its kind in Europe. They lay on special trains to Lincoln; coach-trips come from all four corners of the country (... has the UK actually got any corners?). Anyway, in spite (or possibly because) of the fact we're only down the road, we'd never been. So we thought we'd better take a look. Here's our report....
It really was busy. I mean, busier than busy. Try negotiating that lot with a pushchair. And I wonder what all the continental visitors thought of the very British 'one way' system? For pedestrians.
The market covers an area from the west front of the magnificent Cathedral, through the castle grounds and along a road north of the castle walls. Which is where we found this...
Unfortunately, there were places Charlie and I just couldn't go... like most of the stalls at The Lawn's Centre. Thankfully, there was this steam organ to keep us entertained.
Ah, they don't make 'em like that anymore.
Which is probably just as well.
Bah, humbug!


  1. Your kids do look like they're having fun though.I can't wait the Continental market comes our town selling french sausages and cheeses.Will you being take them to see Father Christmas?

  2. oh ooh i love carosels :) how beautiful:)

  3. Thanks for going for me, Tim. Like you I have lived in Lincolnshire for many years and not visited the Christmas market. My son has a thing about crowds, and my husband has a thing about parking....so I think I'll give it a miss!

  4. They did, Aly, and everyone got something except me. Mind you, I did have the best hotdog in the world, evah!

    It was a beautiful carousel April. Still is, I assume. The owners have probably retired to the south of France after the extortionate fees they were charging. Can you believe I had to pay for Charlie?

    All part of the service Trish. Would you like me to go anywhere else for you? Seychelles, perhaps?

  5. Nice pictures. Looks like there was a good atmosphere there. I've heard all about this market. One year we will go. Should be easier now that I no longer have to battle with a pushchair.

  6. Probably won't need to park in the Seychelles so I think we'll manage. Ta very much for your very kind offer though - you could nip into Oldrids for me as you're closer? Son needs new jeans.

  7. I've been to Lincoln Cathedral and the surrounds. It was virtually empty when I was there! (Perhaps they knew I was coming?)

  8. Looks fabulous, K and I love Carousels too, we went on one on holiday this year and had a whale of a time!

  9. You should, Rosie. It's well worth it. Only, go by bus or train... parking's a nightmare!

    What size, Trish. Oh, and the cut? Colour?

    It's often virtually empty, DD. For my sins (and they are manifold) I occasionally sing in the cathedral choir, and we've 'performed' to a congregation on just three. And we're not that bad....

    Charlie's really taken to them recently, Tawny. And Sally loves to have an excuse to go on them.

  10. Looks like a Grand Day Out - carousels are the business. Did you not enjoy the steam organ then?!!!

  11. Golly Hazel, there I am watching you on telly one minute and the next you're here commenting. That's amazing! (Great programme, btw!)

  12. I dont do crowds, so thanks for going on my behalf. I have never ever been to Lincoln. it was on Countryfile this weekend!!!

  13. We've only been once and it was madness. My son was more or less Charlie's age at the time and it was impossible to go through the crowd with the pushchair. We were also supposed to meet some friends and we didn't manage to find them! Didn't have a mobile phone at the time. Lucky days! I love Lincoln though, apart from the steep way from the centre to the cathedral. Have you have tried to push a pushchair uphill there? A nightmare. Ciao. A.

  14. Well, TMH, and I missed it. Mind you, I always do miss Countryfile these days since they moved it - most annoying.

    Actually I have Antonella - but going down Steep Hill with a pushchair is even harder.... You've been spoilt by flat, level York!

  15. Looks simply glorious! Thanks for sharing your pics too. Thanks :)
    Mal :)

  16. That looks like so much fun :)

  17. I did Bath Christmas market with my husband on a weekday, no kids. It was still mobbed and the stalls were full of stuff I'd never buy. But the highlight for me was seeing a couple of OAPs (probably in their 70s) sitting on the carousel going round and round having the time of their lives. Made it worth the crowds.

  18. In spite of the crowds, it was Mal. Although we had some very, very un-Australian weather on Sunday morning (gales, torrential rain) and nearly didn't go!

    A Christmas market seems to be one of the few places which really is fun for everyone, Liz. Even the traders all looked happy!

    You can't beat a good old-fashioned carousel, HOM! I hope I'll still be riding on one in my dotage.


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