Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Let me apologise right now. If this offends you, I'll understand. If you are one, you might not want to be (a follower) for too much longer. If you like this programme, then I know I haven't got a chance of saying anything to make you change your mind. It's a love/hate thing. It's like marmite. There doesn't seem to be LibDem option.

(Oh come on, man. Get on with it.)

Ok then. *Deep breath*

I. Don't. Like...


There! Said it. Never watch it. Hate it. Really cannot stand it. All that screaming, mass hysteria in the studio. (I know it's all been artificially whipped up by girls with names like Trudi or Camilla wearing headphones and carrying a clipboard.)  All that bloody awful singing and dancing. (I know some of them are quite good, and they're all trying really hard and they've had painful childhoods and everything.) And all that posturing and acting from the so-called judges. (Yes, I know they're being paid obscene amounts of money to make utter idiots of themselves.) But no. Non. Nyet. Never. Fingers nails. Blackboards. X-Cruciating.  


The contestants have released a charity single. It's a cover of Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone. Sony has agreed to donate all profits to Great Ormond Street Hospital. You can read about it on their website. You can even see the video that they had on last week's show. Some retailers are donating proceeds from the sale of the single to Great Ormond Street. You can find out which ones here.

And so, even though I hate the show with a passion... I'll still be buying the single.

It's for charidee, baby!

And there are several people I don't like that I can give it to....

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