Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mists and mellow fruitfulness...

The weather's changed. Autumn has finally given way to winter. The temperature has plummeted, the trees have stripped themselves of leaves and things have started turning nasty. So I thought I'd post a pic or two of a lovely autumn walk we did a couple of weeks ago.

This is Snipedales nature reserve in Lincolnshire.

Charlie shuffled through leaves....

The sun shone...

the sky was blue...

The day was unseasonably warm. We had a picnic. It was lovely. Until the moment Charlie suddenly slid off the picnic bench, smacking his forehead on the table as he went down. In itself, that wouldn't have been so bad. But the day before he'd slipped and hit the other side of his head on the corner of the coffee table just seconds after I'd taken off the foam pipe-lagging which had been smothering the sharp edges since he started toddling. Which itself wouldn't have been quite so bad if Charlie wasn't already sporting bruises after being catapulted from the pushchair as we left the house to go to town.

My resignation's in the post.

And social services probably want to pay a visit.

If anyone wants me, I'm in Marrakech.

(I wish!)
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