Monday, 30 November 2009

Kick Ass Blogger!

Remember the days when you had to go shopping for new school shoes? Remember trailing round the shops, getting your feet measured? Remember the bargaining, negotiating, wrangling that went on? There always seemed such a huge gulf between what the forces of darkness authority (school, parents) demanded and what you, the wearer, wanted (or else thought that you could get away with). And the result? Always the same...sensible school shoes (black) 1; Dotterel 0. And no chance of a re-match.

Until now. They say that parents often live their lives again through their children. Well folks,  take a look at this!

Oh yeah! No wonder the boy looks so pleased - a pair of red Kickers funky Lego lace-ups to review. And, as they're his, I'd better let him tell you all about them...

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