Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday

No, no pigeons in there daddy!


  1. Awwww sweet. Our fountain frequently gets washing up liquid added nessescitating a several day shut down.

  2. I love how he can just peek over the side. Hope he enjoyed his day in London.

  3. pigeons get arrested now....what a shame. I spent a lot of time there as a child, dodging the pigeons. Hope you had fun. :0)

  4. Dont you just love a fountain. The minimads would have been in!!

  5. Super shot. I love Trafalgar Square. My son once climbed one of those lions. I was bloody terrified. xxx

  6. @DJKirkby - I think some 'wag' had done that in Trafalgar Square yesterday, Denyse. We chortled...

    @Kelly - what you can't see (quite) is that he's standing on his tip-toes, Kelly. And he still can't see into the fountain.

    @Chic Mama - that must be the answer, CM. They've all got ASBOs. Either that or Red Ken had 'em shot.

    @MadHouse - we weren't taking any chances on a paddle, MH. There seemed to be a very high police presence... Must have got wind that there was a bloggers meeting!

    @DumDad - doesn't it make you long to return to Blighty, DD? No, didn't think it would.

    @Mal - thanks Mal. Trafalgar Square'd make a great venue for an LP gig, y'know.

    @JennySmith - there were plenty of people following your son's example yesterday, Jenny. Charlie - thankfully - was happy just to stand and stare.

  7. If you had positioned him slightly to the left, he would have got soaked! Which would have been wrong as he is lovely.

  8. I love the fact there's a typically British polite and inoffensive 'No Entry' sign just in front of Charlie. I'm sure he would have jumped straight in otherwise?! Great pic. (have also commented on Justin-Gate - bit late to the party but got there in the end!)

  9. dropped in through the black boxes widget.

    Cool photo!


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