Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hot or Dot?

I have noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in blog-land recently. The pages of certain so-called 'parent' blogs have been devoid of references to nappy-changing, teething, weaning, sleeping, potty-training and the like. In fact, they've been devoid of any references to kids at all. Instead, said blogs have been devoted to increasing amounts of what I can only describe as 'man-porn' - pics of so-called 'hot' men wearing little more than a cheesy grin and presented for the mummy-blogging community to drool over. That's not all. Oh no. Not content to merely admire these barely legal pics, the viewers are then asked to 'vote' for their favourite man-totty.
Clearly this is of the gravest concern to me. The degradation inherent in such activity, the objectification of men and the presentation of the male as little more than blogging eye-candy is bad enough. But the blatant dehumanizing it involves; the wanton reduction of anything in trousers (or out of them) to the level of ocular titillation is worrying in the extreme. The worst culprits are the so-called Insomniac Mummy (and no wonder!) and Working Mum (or so she claims!). But they're all there, if you read the comments. All the mummy bloggers come week-in, week-out, slavering like a pack of wolves to gorge themselves on another unsuspecting male carcass. Oh yes. Make no mistake. Husbands of blogging wives, do you realise what your other half is up to while the baby has a nap? Have you ever wondered why CBeebies is so often on the telly? Dear God, I even saw one mummy blogger (you know who you are) posting glamour shots of kids TV presenters!
But there is worse. Far worse. For in all the time that these blogging beauty pageants have been running, in all the weeks and months these exploitation-bloggers have been posting and in all the weeks and months the mummy bloggers have been salivating (as well as voting) NO ONE HAS YET POSTED A SINGLE PIC OF ME!
So today, ladies (and gentlemen too, if you should wish) I intend to put things right. It's an easy choice, I know. But in any contest there has to be a winner and a loser. And I'm sure Mr Craig won't mind coming second, just for once. There may, of course, be those of you who find it hard to tell the difference. In which case let me just point out that I'm the one in the paddling pool (it was a low-budget film).

So here you have it. Ladies, which is it to be - hot or Dot?

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