Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From meme to you

Richard Dawkins has a lot to answer for. Meme's are a wonderful way of getting the creative juices flowing; they're a great way to find out more about a fellow-blogger; and they're often wickedly entertaining (except, of course, when I do them...). I like memes. Really I do. (I even invented one once: it's here.) It's just that I'm hopeless at getting them done. I love reading them, enjoy it when I see my name at the bottom of the post, and immediately set to work mentally composing the list. And then... You know, stuff starts happening. Or I'll start writing but get no further than the first item. Personality traits, dreams, ambitions, you name them, I've started writing posts about them. But - unlike the Mastermind contestants - although I've started I can't finish. And then the meme theme moves on, and I'm tagged by someone else for something different and - before you know it - I've lost the plot.

So, this post is dedicated to anyone who's ever tagged me. It's an amalgam of all the memes I've never done. And I hope it makes sense...

Picture Perfect
This, apparently, is 'daddy'. It's also Sarah. It was drawn by Sally almost four years ago when Sarah and I announced that we were getting married. We liked it so much that we used it on our wedding invitations. Thanks for that one, Tara.

Dream meme
I have a dream (most afternoons) and it's of sunshine, sea and sand. And it always looks a bit like this...

Porthcurno, our honeymoon destination. Is there anywhere nicer? I don't think so. (I think the dream-meme began with Josie, but I can't remember how it got to me.)

I don't have one, so I can't do the personality traits meme I'm afraid. (Sorry Whistlejacket!)

Lost Songs
Four of my seven lost songs are the Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss (what d'you mean, cheating?) so that just leaves... 'Message in a Bottle' (The Police), 'Follow you, follow me' (Genesis) and 'Message to you Rudy' (The Specials). Thanks for that one, Rachel.

Am I finished yet? Most probably. If I've missed out anyone, I'm sorry. Like I said, I've got a hopeless memory for this sort of thing. In fact, I could use that to start a brand new meme: ten really important things that you've forgotten. (Better get writing...)
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