Friday, 4 September 2009

You heard it here first!

It's been a week of firsts. There was Charlie's first day at nursery; Sally's first day at her new secondary school; and Sarah's first day in her new job. I'm the only one without a new start, so as my second year as a stay-at-home dad begins I'm feeling left out.
But not for long. I'm starting a new meme. It's simple. All you've got to do is think of as many memorable 'seconds' as you can. Everyone always remembers the first time: that first kiss, the first trip abroad, the first cup of tea in a morning. But who gives a thought to the second? Why is second always second-best? What's wrong with second-hand? Well, here's a list of questions for anyone who wants to put things right. You only have to choose one (although you're welcome to do more.) I'll post my answers in a week's time and include the best from any comments, too. So, hands up: which of you wants to tell us all about...
  1. your second boy/girlfriend?
  2. your second day at school?
  3. who your second best-friend was?
  4. the second LP that you bought?
  5. the second house you lived in?
  6. the second car you drove?
  7. your second-favourite band?
  8. the second-best book you ever read?
  9. your second-favourite film?
  10. your second-favourite blog?
I'm tagging... Emma, Josie, Wendohendo, Catharine Withenay and Denise with this, but anyone can have a go. The more the merrier, in fact. There'll be a silver (what else?) medal for the winner. And a second-prize courtesy of a very special guest whom I'll be interviewing next week. It's all very hush-hush at the moment (clue: dial 999 if you've just been stung!)
So, there you have it. Second-helpings, anyone?
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