Friday, 18 September 2009

Twitter ye Not?

Apologies if you've clicked expecting to read a tribute to that comic genius, Frankie Howerd. I'm saving that for later. No, this is a tribute of a different kind - to Twitter. Do you tweet? Are you a twit? I am, and I'm proud of it. Ok, it's the most monumental waste of time ever. I should've been using the precious hours when Charlie goes to nursery to do something. In a way, I am. But is it something worth doing? The world seems divided on the subject. You're either for it, or against it. There isn't much middle ground.
For anyone who hasn't got the faintest idea what I'm on about, Twitter is a kind of cross between blogging and text-messaging. You're limited to 140 characters, but you can post links and even photos. You can follow breaking news (and the little guys often get there first, before the big guns have arrived!) or celebrity gossip, get offered all manner of edifying videos (!) or just tune in to the everyday lives of... pretty much anyone.
But that's not all. Earlier this month the first Twitter opera - Twitterdammerung - was premiered at Covent Garden. (I kid you not - you can see a YouTube clip right here!) Penguin is about to publish Twitterature, a book in which the great works of literature are distilled to the size of a single tweet. And this week, as ever, there's been a wealth of parenting advice and questions answered - all in under 140 characters.
Which gives me an idea. Forget Twit-Lit or Twit-Opera, forget celebs tweeting on about their visits to the theatre. How about a Twitter Guide to Childcare? What would your top parenting tips be, distilled to a tweet of 140 characters? Potty-training tweets, weaning-tweets, sleeping tweets, nursery and schooling tweets, they'll all be there. I'm hoping to persuade a selection of celebrities to contribute, and the proceeds will be going to a suitable children's charity. If you up for it, then leave your tweet in the comment box below, or 'tweet' it to me at @dotterel. Or, if you'd prefer old-fashioned(!) email, my address is Stop Press: if you're tweeting your tips, the hashtag is #twitterbabytips. Include this in your tweet to make them easier to collect.
If you think that's all a bit too serious, have a go at this. Earlier this week, the trending topic #houseworkrock amused Josie and me for a hour or two. The (silly) idea was merely to re-write great rock/pop songs for those of us engaged in domestic chores. Credit where it's due, another one bites the dust(er) was @porridgebrain’s utterly brilliant start to the proceedings. But can you add to this growing list?
The Tide(mark) is high
Greased Bike-Chain
Dark Side of the Spoon
Paperback Re-Cycler
All you Need is Dove
See my Baby Skive
I'll get my coat...
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