Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sleep is for the weak

Everyone knows that having kids plays havoc with your sleep. First, there are the night-time feeds. Then moving to a cot; a different room; a bed. It never ends. You might as well give up on the prospect of eight-hours a night forever. No wonder grandparents sleep so much - they're making up for all the hours lost when we were kids!
For what it's worth, my twitter-tip for sleep (and don't forget to keep those twitter-tips coming - @dotterel will get them to me, and #twitterbabytips is our hashtag) is this: take a power-nap as often as you can. Ten minutes in the day (down a mug of strong coffee just before you nod off) can make up for several hours of broken sleep at night. Ok, it might not make up for it, but is sure helps you to cope.
Josie has taken sleep-deprivation to a whole new level. Not only is her blog called 'Sleep is for the Weak' she's actually hosting a sleep-deprivation carnival this week. The idea is simple. We all share our tales of bleary-eyed woe and - hopefully - discover somebody much worse off than we are, which will make us feel better. (Well, that might not be the stated intention, but it's the effect reading all the posts is having on me!) I've realised that I'm actually quite well off as far as sleep is concerned. Charlie has slept through the night from quite an early age. Ok, he's a very early riser, but adjusting our bed-times can compensate for this. It's only when he's ill (as he was last week) that we get a real taste for what some people's lives are like all the time. Having said that, I'm going to nominate last night as one of my worst toddler-sleep experiences ever. Charlie was fast asleep throughout the night. And that was the problem. I wasn't. From four o'clock I was wide awake, desperate to get back to sleep before he woke up for the day. And you know what happened, don't you. Just as I was drifting off....
Oh, where was I? Gosh, is that the time? Sorry, must dash - I've got to go to Iceland now...
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