Thursday, 6 August 2009

Back to School.

The three most depressing words in any so-called summer! When I was a teacher, that is. No, scrap that. When I was at school as both a pupil AND a teacher, the one thing that really got my goat was the way the shops all had their 'Back to School' displays up from the first week of the summer hols. I mean, I know there's lots to do and all that but SIX WEEKS?
Well, now I'm buying the stuff and no wonder Sally wanted to get it all at the beginning of the summer. Get it over with as soon as possible. I've just got my fingers crossed that she doesn't out grow the stuff we've got before September. And - for that reason - I've left the most expensive item on the list as late as possible. New black, flat black school shoes (with no coloured laces - honestly, who writes these uniform regulations? Oh yes, I used to...)
Anyway, for once I'm actually looking forward to a bit of shoe shopping. Because this summer there's a chance chance to win a top spec Macbook, iPod Nanos, iPod Shuffles and iTunes vouchers just by visiting the local Kickers stockist (and the full range of Kickers Back to School range can be found at That'll certainly sweeten the Back to School Shopping pill - especially if I (er, I mean Sally) win.


  1. Ooooh I hate childrens shoe shopping! Good luck, hope you win!

  2. Even now, with my old school days 25 years behind me, I still feel my stomach turning sour at those Back To School shopping displays. The only ones I liked were the ones in WHSmith 'cos buying pens and rulers as a kid was always fun for some reason.

  3. I'm with you on this one, Sub. But it's at least an incentive to enter the shop!

    Good point, Steve. I'd forgotten about the ritual of the pencil-case!

  4. I hate to say this, but after the 'Back to School' we'll be on the Xmas stuff!


    I shall go and hide now I have depressed you further...


  5. Back to school - dread words!

  6. GEt in there, D, hope you win.

    Yes, that Back to School thing always pisses me off. As a child and an adult. Do the coming 5/6 weeks not exist then?

    Both my kids need bloody shoes xx

  7. Oh yes, RM. Come September we'll be counting down the hours...

    Dread indeed, DD. (And good to hear from you again, sir!)

    I think RM's hit the nail firmly on the head, Jenny. Shops clearly live in a world dictated by the next available sales opportunity, however distant. It'll be Christmas next, and then the Sales!

  8. Don't leave it too late. They might run out of vouchers!

  9. I don't mean to show off, but we're all ready!
    And the only reason I hate the shoe shopping is a. the amount of money it costs and b. the tears and tantrums over not being able to have those shoes with the toy in the heel. Grrr

  10. I'm adding shoes to the end of the list too! Other than that I think we're all set. I've even managed to get a school fleece off a friend after I swore I wouldn't buy it because it's too expensive, but luckily optional!

  11. Good point, CW - better get Sally's feet measured at least!

    But you allow the one's that light up don't you Tara? Don't you?

    Oh, that's so well-organised CB! You ought to be ashamed of yourself...

  12. Now we no longer have school age children (read young adults), I look at those signs and whistle. Sorry...

  13. T starts Kindergarten at the end of August and I'm finding my anxiety levels rising, not because I'm afraid to let my baby go, but because school was certainly not my favorite place to be.
    I'm putting up a good front and keeping it to myself. Well, and sharing it with you of course.

  14. Worst of all, my older children's school uniforms were only sold at one shop, where all the local schools' uniforms were sold too, so the queues were appalling. My children's feet always grew during the summer holidays - actually I finally caught on and bought new shoes after the rush, in mid-September, because the big growth spurt came after the end of the holidays and I'd had to replace new shoes with a bigger size at half term.

  15. Oh really? I wonder if we have a local shop? I am off to follow your link and find out.

  16. I think that whoever is the advertiser responsible for putting up a "Back to School" sign or promotion in a store just as students are about to have their yearly summer break has got his adplan schedule seriously botched. Though that is a no-no, shoes without laces are a must for me before and my kid now. Unmindful and careless as kids are, they can have serious accidents with those laces coming lose.


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