Sunday, 12 July 2009

New kid on the blog, parts 3 & 4

Ok, I'm cheating. But I forgot last week, and anyway I found these blogs together, on the same day. And they're both great. Ladies first, so allow me to introduce Hannah Gray, or 'muddlingalongmummy', a city-worker, mummy-blogger (obviously) and chicken-keeper, attempting to balance 'me-life, work-life and mummy-life'. Next, it's GoonerJamie, fellow househusband, blogger (again, obviously) and self-styled 'dad trying to do his best'.
Both bloggers recently posted on the subject of the dreaded household chores. Jamie has been painting (houses - well, his!) while Hannah has been making lists in order not to 'drop the many balls' she has to keep in the air.
Reading them encouraged me to reflect on my own chaotic approach to all things domestic. I like to be organised, I really do. In fact, I am. But only about certain things. And some of the time. Domestically, I'll create a meal from whatever's in the fridge/freezer. Sarah, on the other hand, has the idea first, then investigates what's in the cupboard before shopping for the necessary ingredients and creating an elaborate and sumptuous feast. I can vacuum for England (I'm in training almost daily) but I never get round to dusting. I don't notice dust, unless it's so thick that it needs vacuuming. Since I sacked the window-cleaner I've been head of that department, too. And although I might not do them often, when they're cleaned by me they stay clean for a darn site longer. (It's the water, you know!)
I'm fully house-trained, really. But I can't stand the thought of a routine for anything. Years of being 'summoned by bells' are taking their toll, I suppose. In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, 'I want to break free'. Video to follow. Maybe. If I dare!


  1. Thanks for your new kids on the blog - took me off in some whole new directions and on the way I discovered:
    For that find I shall be eternally well as weeping with laughter!

  2. And thanks for that link, too HMHB - wonderful stuff!

  3. Ooo, I love muddling along mummy blog so looking forward to another daddy blog to read. And this first dictionary thing sounds good too. A nights surfing has now been sorted. Thanks for the posts, I like having someone else doing all the hard work of finding new blogs on my behalf.

  4. Thanks for the link to Muddling Along Mummy, a great find.
    I was already reading Gooner Jamie - one beer per wall? I suppose I'd better remember that if I ever want my husband to decorate!

  5. Blush ... thank you so much for your lovely comments - has been the highpoint of my weekend

    Also realised that despite reading your blog I'd only ever linked into it from other places not followed - have remedied that omission now !

  6. Ah, Dot, so you finally put up the picture of Freddie M. doing the hoovering ;-) I also have an ambivalent attitude towards dust; Mrs Dilo, on the other hand, finds it everywhere and brings wads of it to me on the end of a duster as a cat might do with a dead mouse. Endearing.

  7. My pleasure, BiB/FM! I'm loving finding all these new (to me) blogs.

    That's my new rate of pay too, Sandy. It's a great idea.

    Well-deserved, MAM - and thanks for the link.

    Yes, very. Must be a woman-thing, 'cos Sarah does the same thing!

  8. Arrh! So you are beginning to realise that a woman's work is never done.

  9. Thanks a lot for the mention and link to my site, you are too kind. The wife often spends the weekend moaning that I have not washed down the cupboard doors or something equally innane. I am beginning to think that as it is only women who know why these should be washed down, I can be excused for not thinking of doing it.

  10. Here is one you might like:

  11. Whats your name? Quinten Crisp? The dust doesn't get any thicker after 30 years?

    Husband does our vacumming too.

    And thanks for standing me up the other day! It was the bench by the river!!!!

  12. Oooh, thin ice, Jamie! Surely you should always know everything without anyone telling you. Isn't that the man-deal?

    Thanks, DJ. I'm on my way to take a look.

    But Jenny, you didn't say which river!

  13. Loved that Queen video! Do you eat takeaways? Much easier than searching through the freezer!!

    CJ xx

  14. I am so with you on hating the routine of housework. I have to sort of do it when I'm not looking. And I'm with you on the meal preparation. Yikes, perhaps I'm a man!

  15. As often as possible is the answer, CJ. Although we do like cooking too, it must be said!

    Better still, we could train ourselves to do it in our sleep, Milla. D'you think it'd work?

  16. I keep working on training myself to do housework well.
    What I should be doing is training the boys to do housework well.

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