Thursday, 16 July 2009



  1. Ah the fun to be had with trampolines!

  2. Charlie is too cute!! My Dad is still trying to get me into cricket, even now!

  3. that was SO sweet. I envy you having yours at that age. Particularly liked the little face at 47" and round about a minute. But very busy with the dismissals! Keep him away from England.

  4. So long as the 4s were for England, and the 'Outs' for Australia, I'm happy

  5. Oh yes, gives him a perfect perch for watching cricket, Mary!

    It's never too late, Clarey. Would you like me to explain the rules?

    Don't worry, they were all Autralians, Milla!

    Oh yes, he's a pretty trigger-happy umpire, NB.

  6. Charlie is so lovely, put CBeebies on for him, it's not cricket.
    Sorry, I tried to make a joke there, but failed.
    Fab video :-)

  7. That was great, D, really lovely.

    Hey, are you doing flashbacks now? Like in the Simpsons and the Golden Girls? How glamourous and American. xxx

  8. It is important that they learn the important things in life, like the rules of cricket from a very young age. They also need to learn about shouting at the TV and how to deal with the trauma of yet another England collapse (we were 200 for 1, now merrily caving in all over the place).

    Loved it!

  9. Where's his bat dude? Mind, I suppose there aren't enough wannabe umpires.

  10. Perhaps Charlie can explain the rules of cricket to me. I have always found it to be a bit of a mystery.

  11. It certainly isn't Sandy - but he loves it! (You should see him calling for Mr Tumble...)

    Flashbacks? Have you seen something I haven't, Jenny?

    The less said about that, the better BiB/FM. Do they play cricket in Bosnia?

    I'm afraid I've had to hide it due to what Wimbledon would call 'racquet abuse' Ian. Honestly, you should see his cover drive...

    HE'll have a go, CW. When would you like him to start?

  12. Beyond cute. And he's a better scorer than me. They practically had to re-play when I volunteered to score for an Old Boys' match once, years ago. All those dots and crosses. I should have stuck to making the fish paste sarnies...

  13. Cute! A future umpire in the making! He does everything with the trampoline excpet jump on it, I noticed, by the way!

  14. Awww how cute is your little man. He seems to be loving it! Now come on, how long have you been teaching him the scoring moves (or whatever they're called!!)

  15. So precious! Surely much more interesting than watching cricket! Never understood it and never will! Now I could keep on watching Charlie's entertainment the whole day! Ciao. A. PS Still having problems getting to read and leave comments on your blog from Explorer!

  16. Us Yanks are a bit rusty on the cricket, so while I didn't "get it," I still think he's darling, and can't believe how big he's getting!

  17. Nothing like cricket... glad he is getting the idea so young and HEY WHAT ABOUT THE ASHES TODAY!!!!! Yeh.

  18. He's no idea what the signals mean though, Anne. He gave Andrew Flintoff out three times yesterday - and he was bowling!

    Funny that, Rosie. I've noticed it as well - is it a developmental thing?

    He's a great mimic, Mrs OMG. That's all I'm going to say...

    Sometimes as interesting is all I'm going to say, Antonella. As for the problems, lots of people (on lots of different blogs) seem to have been having them with an updated version of Internet Explorer. It's all Bill Gates' fault!

    We could do a distance-learning course for you, Serena!

    YEAH! LBW-M. (That's out, btw!)


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