Saturday, 25 July 2009

Happy holidays!

Oh, don't you just love the holidays? No alarm clock dragging you from the land of nod at some unearthly hour; no bleary-eyed breakfasts; no counting down the hours 'till bedtime. What? Who am I kidding? The trouble with not 'working' (in the going-out-of-the-door at eight and coming-back-at-five sense) is that the 'holidays' are pretty much the same as all the other days. Same old, same old - apart from not waving Sarah off in the morning, and no school run. Seriously, when you're a stay-at-home you've got to make a real effort to make the holidays seem like, well - a holiday. And if it's bucketing down outside, that can be rather difficult. Still, we managed one day out this week. At first sight Belton House might not seem everything a boisterous 18-month-old and his older sister need, but... It's got a secret:
For a start, there's nobody at home....
.... second, there's one of these:
And third, there's an excellent adventure playground full of things like this:
Only another five weeks to go!
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