Sunday, 5 July 2009

Food glorious food!

Oh, for something nice and easy to cook at lunchtime! A portion of Annabel Karmel baby pasta, some ham, a little pesto and some cream.

That's right, Charlie. Eat it all up! Then, as it's Wimbledon, what could be nicer than a bowl of strawberries (known as 'ah-boo's' here, for some strange reason).

Come on Miss Williams!


  1. Mmmmm, baby pasta & cream and ah-boo's for desert, who could resist that?

  2. I hope you made enough for Charlie too!! Thanks for the recipe idea :-)

  3. I have some of that pasta in my cupboard... and that sounds like a great idea!

  4. Used to be infactuated with Ms Karmel's books. There's a recipe of hers I still cook today.

    But she had a nanny and somehow that shattered our illusion of her trying to think up inventive meals whilst struggling with a baby.

    Its a bit boring two sisters playing against each other! Hope someone beats 'em next year.


  5. Sounds lovely and easy too! I over did the pasta thing when mine were young and they rebelled by not eating pasta for years!

  6. I still use some adapted Annabel Karmel recipes now!
    And I've made it to your blog through the wonder that is Firefox, yay! x

  7. "Come on Miss Williams" wasn't perhaps the most useful phrase to teach him for the women's singles final!

  8. Certainly not Charlie, MM! Clean plates all round...

    Well, I thought I'd better let him have a little bit Sandy. Would be unfair not to, don't you think?

    And quick, easy and tasty, too OMG!

    Oh, keep it in the family I say Jenny. Pity there aren't two brothers in the men's final. It makes cheering so much easier!

    I'm going to take those words to heart, Sub. A week with several pasta meals is unthinkable.

    Great, Clarey. I've switched to Safari just to get into my own blog, but I have come to the conclusion that it's IE causing all the problems. And I was just about to defect to WordPress!

    On the contrary, Gadjo - it served more than adequately. And she won, you know!

  9. How perfect: fine grub and while watching telly too. Bliss!

  10. How perfect: fine grub and while watching telly too. Bliss!

  11. Was Mr Tumble on Centre Court?

  12. Well, you've got to watch Wimbledon DD, haven't you?

    I believe he followed the Williams sisters, Ian. (Where, I don't know...)

  13. He is no longer a baby. He has grown into a real little boy but is far too young to be thinking about girls!

  14. Oh, it's never too young to be thinking about girls is it, CW?

  15. I'm a huge fan of ah-boo's and cream!

    He is darling!

  16. You mean you were bribing him so you could sit back and watch Wimbledon. Shame on you!

    Only because I never thought of that.....


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