Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Flying High!

Those awfully nice people at Playmobil must've read about Charlie and his bloomin' buses. Because - in an effort to stop him turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame (UK version) as he crawls around the floor with his four-wheeled toys - they've sent him a nice toy helicopter! So now we're flying high (as well as crawling low) - although the transport theme continues. But it has more advantages than merely encouraging him to stand upright (or even stretch towards the ceiling). Oh yes. Because - although he hasn't said it yet - I'm sure that when he does it won't cause anything like the same embarrassment or offence that 'big buh' has created. What possible misinterpretation is 'helicopter' open to? How rude can that word sound when shouted out in town? Exactly! So we're safe at last. Aren't we?


  1. Everyone seems to be posting about Playmobil today! It is great stuff, I want some freebies too!

  2. Is it just me, or is he looking more and more like you?

  3. 'Hell, daddy,Hell' as he yells for his toy in Tesco.

  4. Cool. Their airplane is awesome too.

  5. Great blog. What lovely blonde hair your little boy has.


  6. I must get up to speed before the bean is born.... before i read this, I'd never heard on playmobil.... it's going to be one big learning curve!!

  7. I want one too. Can I play, can I play?

  8. One of mine called them helicrapters. You're never safe!!

  9. It certainly is, Mary! Sally had (still has...) an entire Playmobil dolls house which kept her happy for hours. Still does!

    Poor boy - don't tell him that, Sue! It'll be a while before he grows a beard and hopefully he'll never have the glasses.

    Could be worse, though Moanie. In fact, I'm beginning to regret thinking we were in the clear with this one.

    That's next on the wishlist, Ian.

    Can't think where he gets it from, Jenny.

    Oh yes, you need a complete toy education OMG. I can do girls and boys toys for you, if you want!

    Why of course, NB. Charlie's happy to share, aren't you Charlie. Charlie?

    I'm beginning to fear you might be right, LBW. This could get seriously embarrassing!

  10. Our librarian has a great song she sings to the children:

    Transportation, what a fascination.
    Transportation, get's us from here to there.

    Would you like to take a train?
    Yes I'd like to take a train. Take a train, take a train,
    Ooooh, Transportation what a fascination.
    Transportation, get's us from here to there.

    Continuing on with buses, and planes, horses etc. recalling each in the refrain.

    Transportation... Gotta love it!

  11. Oh, I do! (The song, that is: we'll be singing that from now on!)

  12. My kids love Playmobil!

    What a great smile he has!


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