Tuesday, 21 July 2009


It must be the school holidays: it's raining. And there's that big brown envelope with the school's crest on it and the contents waiting to be read. You can't hide it forever. Go on... I'll show you mine if you show me yours:
The Dotterel has had an interesting first year as a stay-at-home dad. He has made excellent progress changing nappies (having had abundant practice) and can even manage to do it one-handed (following an unfortunate incident on the stairs last November).
Although sometimes prone to philosophical musings, he can be relied upon to lower the tone on other occasions. He takes gratuitous and self-indulgent pleasure in his son's acheivements, a trait he must learn to keep under better control in future. His facility with a video camera is improving, as evidence of some of his early efforts shows. He is also an adept operator of the vacuum cleaner, but finds other domestic duties tiresome. A little more dedication to dusting in particular would improve his performance next year.
In Home Economics (or Food Technology, or Nutritional Science or whatever they call it these days) Tim has become a little more adventurous of late, and has even started making up his own recipes. Physical activity (when it occurs) has consisted largely of going swimming, although given the amount of television viewing Tim does, a little more effort in this subject would be welcome.
Musical ability: has to be heard to be believed;
RE: playing with fire;
Lifeskills: bloody useless;
Overall: could do better.


  1. Lol! Excellent post. I'd like to try it but find it almost impossible to write about myself in 3rd person.

  2. More like C- I fear, ZA!

    Well, I could spin the news and say something like 'worldwide economic downturn...' and 'unexpected challenges...' Sub.

  3. Love this post. Why haven't I seen your blog before????

  4. Quick hide it in under the mattress and pretend it never arrived :-)

  5. Don't know Helena, but very glad to see you here. And thanks...

    Pretend what never arrived, NB?

    Glad inflation, I fear Catharine. (But very generous!)

  6. *yoink!*

    That was the sound of me stealing this idea for my own post.

  7. Dan isn't even joking you know.

    Excellent report, what's your reward?

  8. How about a gold star for effort?!

  9. Final footnote from Headmaster:

    Good and encouragin report, Atkinson, but I think you should still have 6 of the best, just to keep you in check. Never did me any harm , see you in my study, Love, The Headmaster xxxx

  10. Extremely glad to hear that you can lower the tone. Well done.

  11. Brilliant!
    I will verify Tim's home economics skills. We tried the Wimbledon pasta and it was edible ;-)
    I dread to think what my report would say. 'Could do better' too I expect.

  12. Def' a C- ... we expect to see an improvement next year! Although Media Studies and the art of the camcorder is def' a strength :)

  13. That's what blogging's all about, Dan.

    I get to do it all again next year, Ian!

    Thanks, Jinksy. I'll wear it with pride.

    Ooooh, er... I'll be much better next year, Jenny - honest!

    I can be relied on for it, LBW.

    Well, that's an endorsement Sandy. I'll be writing my own book of recipes next!

    But have you seen the unemployment rate for Media Studies grads, OMG?!

  14. Fabulous post. Really made me laugh, especially the Life skills. Ha!

    I think you made excellent progress this year Dottie, with more effort in your life skills you could come out with an 'A'!

    Love RMx

  15. Here's (gulp) a couple more:

    French: He says "Pardon my French" a lot when Charlie's relieved himself unexpectedly, but we're entirely not convinced.

    History: How dare you - parenting is a job the same as any other!

  16. Aw, thanks RM. I will try harder next year!

    Thanks, Gadj - I'd forgotten about those subjects. (And yes, I am often spoken of in the past tense...)

  17. Well done, Tim. My end of year score as a mother was a U (unclassified, I suppose) as I spend most of the time working and doing all the other chores and not enough time with the kids. I promise I will do better next year. Have a nice holiday! Ciao. A.

  18. Well lover, I think you've done brilliantly! I love coming home to a clean (ignoring the dust - who cares about that anyway?) house with dinner cooking and the washing done! And Charlie loves being at home with you too. A+ definitely. xxx

  19. Well done. Will they make you a home prefect next year?

  20. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as that, A.

    Aw thanks, Sarah. Love you too xxxx

    I was hoping for Head Boy actually, Troy. D'you think I'm in with a shout?


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