Sunday, 7 June 2009

New kid on the blog 2

Today's new (to me) blog - number two of the ten I'm 'tagged' to do - is by SandyCalico, a former financial controller, now stay-at-home mum to two baby boys 'born within a year of each other'. She sings and writes songs too, and you can listen to them at
Her latest post on BabyBaby talks about the thorny issue of feeding kids - especially if they eat only 'wotsits and chocolate' - and broadens out to consider the demands of parenthood generally, and in particular the high standards we all set for ourselves.
As Sandy says, she can 'beat myself up most days for being a crap mum. Sometimes I forget to change a nappy, sometimes I get distracted by the computer, but I try to make up for it in other ways...' Well, me too. (And you three? Four? Any advance on four?) When I gave it 'work' (ha! I've never worked so hard in all my life!) to stay at home with Charlie I used to imagine that I'd have to spend all day in stimulating play, whisking him from one thing to another while simultaneously shopping, cooking, ironing and cleaning. As a man, of course, I'm a master multi-tasker (ahem!) and so none of the above was ever a problem (who am I kidding?). But the single most important thing I've learnt (which I'm sure others have known all along) is just to relax. Charlie doesn't need wall-to-wall activity and stimulation. Sometimes he can be quite happy playing quietly on his own, turning the pages of a board-book or even watching the excellent (and educational) CBeebies. And what does a dad do when his son is happy playing on his own? Why, that's the perfect time for blogging, of course!
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