Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sun, sea and sand

I don't know about you, but the weather here in Lincolnshire has been appalling lately. Days of gale-force winds followed by an overnight deluge of almost biblical proportions have at least confirmed one thing: as soon as the Met Office starts talking about long, hot summers - reach for your umbrella! Hard to believe that this little jolly was just three weeks ago...
I wonder if the Wii has a sun, sea and sandcastle programme? ‘ Single Parent Dad is offering readers a Wii in conjunction with I might try and win one. After all, it's raining and there's nothing on the television.


  1. Delightful video.

    Last night in my neck of Paris we had a sudden and violent storm: the hail and rain was so loud it drowned out conversation. The hail was hitting the house and surrounds like bullets. Awesome and a little frightening.

  2. Marvellous, Tim! I think I've recognized that train! Were you in Filey? Did you ride with Charlie on it? Thanks for the ray of sunshine! Cold and wet here in Yorkshire too. Ciao. A.

  3. Changeable is not one of my favourite words, accurate, in this instance, but not well liked.

  4. Tim, that was our summer. Here's it's raining. I've dug out my winter hat and I'm just about to put up our Christmas tree!

  5. You are on the wrong side of the country. Here in the west it has been quite nice, although it is grey and miserable today.

  6. Lincolnshire weather has never been promoted as the balmiest though, has it? Words like 'Skegness' and 'bracing' come to mind.

    Breezy in Norfolk, and it rained last night, but I was glad of that as I've been having to water the garden.

  7. It must have moved north after it hit Paris, DD. And there was plenty left, I can assure you!

    It was actually just a little further down the coast at Bridlington, Antonella (although sitting here now it feels like it must have been another country!).

    I wish it would change, Ian - change from being cold and wet and very windy. Some sun would be nice. Or just less rain.

    Well you've got to keep spirits up somehow, Rosie. Think I might do the same...

    I gather Scotland is basking in the sunshine too, CW. But I remember Cheshire being wet. How things have changed.

    You've got a point, although when I first moved here I was told average rainfall was the same here as in Algeria. It can be bracing, but it's often bright. Where has the sun gone?

  8. I'm in rain-sodden Berkshire. So dreary and cold. At least I won't feel like I'm missing out on summer when I leave the country next week.....

  9. The sound of the waves was so very therapautic. And what a little cutie. Oh I do miss that age.

    The weather in Chicago doesn't know whether it is coming or going. Typical for May. It rained cats and dogs all day yesterday, is sunny right now and will probably snow tomorrow. Makes getting dressed in the morning a bit of a gamble, cos the temp can change in either direction by 20-30 degrees within the hour. It's keeping me on my toes.

  10. Well it's always sunny in Brighton, and in Buckhurst Hill we have 'Secondary tanning' syndrome....

  11. We've ahd dull-force-grey here for the last 2 days... not as spectacular but very wearing...

  12. It's absolutely terrible isn't it. It's hammering down with rain here in Leeds. I kind of like it because I'm all tucked up in my sick bed!

  13. You're not promoting Margate as well are you? (as in The Apprentice)

    Yes, weather "Down south" has been shite. There was a football party scheduled for tonight in the park - its been cancelled due to forecast of torrential storms.

    Good post xxxx

  14. I fear it's my fault. I went out and bought some flip flops for the summer. Since then, nothing but gales and rain :-(

    Lovely video. x

  15. It's come to that, has it NPG - the weather's so bad you're about to flee the country! (Don't blame you either!)

    Well, that really is changeable, Nicola. Oh, and do you want your wind back?

    Secondary tanning syndrome, NB? We have that here, too. It's called rust...

    At the moment, I'd happily settle for unspectacular. More rain (much, much more) today.

    Hope it's nothing serious, Mary. Get well soon, although bed is probably the best place to be in this weather.

    Thanks, Jenny. Actually, I've never been to Margate. Is it like Skegness?

    Put 'em away, quick. Or take them back. Do something, Kitty, please...

  16. I've dug out my winter coat and daughter received a letter from school today asking that I send in a sun hat and a bottle of sun tan lotion for her! Are they looking out of a different window to me?

  17. It was t shirt and shorts for me about a week ago and it's a woolly jumper, scarf and thick jeans today.

    Lovely sweet vid

  18. The weather down south has been rather confusing!
    Love the video :)

  19. Get over to where they are, quick WM - they're hogging all the sun!

    Downright annoying, I'd say Jen. How's a stay-at-home dad supposed to get the washing done?

  20. I hope this doesn't upset you: the weather in my part of the England is quite pleasant although a little breezy. However, Thursday was quite showery and cold. Have we all forgotten that snow in May is not uncommon?

    I'm surprised to hear that you need good weather to do the washing. My tumble drier seems to work equally well in good weather and bad!!

  21. That is what memories are made of :)

    (please let it be nice for half term?!)

  22. So which did he love more? The train or the sand castles.
    What a lovely day. (That was.)

  23. Tumble-dryer schmumble-dryer. They cost money, Robert!

    It's a good job we tend to forget all the rainy days eh, Sub?

    Oh, train I'd say Serena. He's train (and bus) mad!


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