Sunday, 12 April 2009

Growing Up

"I don’t want Charlie to grow up," said Sally recently. "He's not a baby anymore." She's right. Her brother's changing almost hour by hour at present - he's got a vocab of, oh about half-a-dozen words; he's walking, climbing onto furniture, throwing balls and crawling round the carpet pushing toy cars, going 'brrrr, brrrr'. He's not a baby. He's a little boy. And he's changed so very quickly. I'm lucky. My day job looking after Charlie means that I can see the changes as they happen. It's a bit like watching a flower opening (but rather more exciting). I can tell Sarah all sorts of exciting (to us!) things when she comes home from work. And there’s something happening almost every day. Not much, maybe; something small, but out of tiny acorns and all that…
But it’s gone on long enough as far as Sally is concerned. If, like a dog, Charlie could perform a few tricks and remain the same, everything would still be fine. But all these changes are a sign of something – he is changing, growing, learning and developing and he's doing it all so quickly. Nothing stays the same, but I find myself sometimes sympathising with her point of view. It can be hard sometimes to find the words to express such feelings, but a day or two ago I found these. They seem to sum things up quite well:
You’re not a baby any more
My baby boy;
You’re growing up too fast,
Sweet baby boy.
And as I tuck you in at night,
Kiss your head and say ‘sleep tight’,
I wonder where the time has gone
My baby boy.


  1. Lovely poem. Yes they grow up so quickly! My eldest is 11 nearly 12! where have the years gone?! I remember rocking him to sleep in my arms, now he's taller than me! My girl is growing up fast too. Cherish everyday :)

  2. Absolutely! Every hour, even... it's why I gave up (paid) work.

  3. It happens to fast, but you are right, you are lucky to be right there witnessing it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. I love that little poem. In fact, it applies quite well to my own blog post today!

  5. I think of this so frequently.
    I am so glad to be passed the baby - baby stages... I found newborns so exhausting that I hardly remember the stage with Z, but, I find myself fluctuating between wanting to stop time right now - while they're little and sweet, and sometimes quite maddening - or just be happy that they are getting easier every day even if it means they're getting closer to leaving home.
    (Ha! - so to speak)
    But, since of course they are growing bigger by the moment, I try when I'm most exasperated, to appreciate that I am home and experiencing it, knowing that it will never be quite what it is today.

  6. Awww that poem made my eyes brim with tears. Beautiful. What a lucky boy to have such a loving family.

  7. Very moving.

    Were you warned when he was born about how the time goes so quickly with them? I certainly was - but i didn't listen - sob!

    Happy Easter xx

  8. Isn't it funny how you can suddenly see that they have changed? From baby to toddler, from toddler to boy, from young boy to older boy, etc. I used to see it in other kids and now I see it in my own.

    Hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. x

  9. I am, you're right SPD. And when I'm up to my ears in washing and nappies, I must try and remember that!

    I'd better take a look, AM.

    Those 'stop-time' moments are so frequent though, Z&T! Mind you, there are plenty of fast-forward moments too.

    That bad eh, DJ!? It was the best I could find...

    Oh yes, Jenny - and I knew it was true from when Sally was little. Somehow, though, time seems to be going even faster now.

    Thanks, Kitty. We're doing out best! (The washer's on again...)

  10. Oh, God...don't get me started. Come September my blog will be full of empty-nesting blues. You'll have to help reign me in. I'll have to relive that part of my life through you and Charlie!

  11. It's time to make/adopt/kidnap a sibling for Charlie!

  12. Too true. It's only when I see daughter alongside toddlers that I realise she is a fully fledged girl now. How did that happen?

  13. Yes, it's all true about baby growing up so quickly. It's hard to describe/explain the situation without sliding into clichés and banal "how time flies, don't they grow up so quickly" phrases. But that's how it is.

    My baby boy ("it seems like only yesterday he first climbed up the stairs and I took an album-load of photos to prove it") is, suddenly, 15 and taller than me and knows how to do all things computer and mobile phones so much better than me and who has friends he'd prefer to be with and . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    But sometimes I peek into my photo albums and gaze on my beautiful boy when he was three or four or seven years old and sigh.

  14. Wouldn't it be nice to press the pause buttin sometimes

  15. I haven't had any children of my own, but I never cease to be amazed at how quickly other people's seem to have grown. My best friend's children are 17, 21 and 22 - how on earth did that happen?!

    I'm going to visit my 11-month-old nephew next weekend. I haven't seen him since Christmas and am expecting to be thoroughly astonished by how much he has changed.

  16. You'll be very welcome, Sue. Can you still change a nappy?

    You might be right, Robert. But then the whole thing would come round again, and again...

    How does any of it happen eh, WM? Even watching Charlie closely every day, I'm still sometimes caught out by a 'when did he do that?' moment.

    Do you still refer to him as your 'baby boy' DD?!

    Oh yes, NB. Mind you, I'd happily press fast-forward sometimes, too!

    Oh yes, you're right to be mentally prepared, Liz. Prepare for a (pleasant) surprise!

  17. How many times do we hear the words, "make the most of it, they grow up so fast". I could be a millionaire by now!!

    CJ xx

  18. I agree, it flies by far too quickly, he'll always be your baby though, even when he's 18!!

  19. Get the video camera out. It's so lovely to look back on them at this age and show them how cute they were!

  20. Sounds like it's time to have another child..hee hee...

  21. Me too, CJ, me too!

    Interestingly, Sally has no problem with me referring to her like that - indeed she insists she'll 'always be my baby'. Somehow I can't quite see Charlie doing that!

    Oh yes, there's a camera frequently to hand, 123. The trouble is, Charlie knows it now and starts to notice when it's on (little showman)!

    What - two lots of dirty nappies, MT?!

  22. Isn't it funny, so much to look forward to but so much lost along the way.

  23. Enjoy him whilst you can. He will soon be an awkward teenage. I know that that is 12 years away but it will soon come round!

  24. The poem made me cry! I feel exactly this way about my son...who's voice is deepening and who is now taller than really is in the blink of an eye!

  25. Very sweet! I seem to remember my mother telling me that I got very peeved that my little brother didn't stay a baby. The moment he was able to walk and get into my things apparently I completely went off him for ages!

  26. sorry to arrive so late. Was that your poem? So so sweet - just like your darling boy - can't say darling baby any more can I?

  27. Lost, but (hopefully) not forgotten, Sub.

    I can't believe Sally's almost reached 'that age', CW. She only started school a year or two ago!

    Oh dear. Sorry, B&R. I'm not often moved to write verse, and that's probably why!

    No sign of Sally getting fed-up yet Sparx, but it'll come I'm sure.

    Oh yes, FF. We do. He doesn't mind (yet)!


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