Thursday, 19 March 2009

New at number 16!

When I was growing up, Thursday was always Top of the Pops night. In the seventies I'd no idea when the charts were compiled: listening to the entire top twenty on a Sunday evening was a few years off, and I imagined the ToTP countdown was the real deal. I also fondly imagined being there one day, in a band, having a top twenty hit of my own and miming to the camera. The odds of that happening now are lower than Richard Dawkins becoming the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Hey ho; we can dream. But wait! What's this? I can almost hear the voice of Jimmy Saville as I type: in at number sixteen in the Top 100 UK Parent Bloggers - is... yes, it's Bringing up Charlie! Cue wild applause from the all the dancing girls! (Although Pan's People aren't about to do their meaningless gyrations to this number - no, siree.) This is live. And, yes - it's me. After under a year of blogging, something I started writing partly to up-date far-flung members of the family and partly to prevent brain atrophy has become something of a bloggy-land success. And I'm quite chuffed about it, really - especially as I'm in such really good company.
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