Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Laetare Sunday

What? Oh, Mother's Day, or Mothering Sunday, or Hilaria (in honour, clearly, of mother goddess Cybele - who else?). Not so much a Hallmark holiday as an ancient pagan festival, hijacked (just like Easter) by the early Christians and returning, almost accidentally, to its origins as a celebration (or Hilaria) of everything maternal. I shall explain all that to Charlie later. In the meantime, we've had breakfast in bed to organise. And this rather charming card to deliver. If you look very closely, you can even see that Charlie's signed his own name (using a now-lost type of cursive Cuniform, I fancy).


  1. That's a proper autograph, your not supposed to be able to make out who they are from.

  2. Oh blast - it wouldn't load for me; I'll have to return

  3. That's what you call a card - papercrafting at its best.

  4. Oh yes -- the boy is clearly, as we all already know, a genius ! :-)

  5. Gosh, what a posh card! Breakfast in bed! Whatever is that??


  6. Fantastic card and lovely "runes". Charlie's career is already marked:with that handwriting he can only be a doctor!!! All the best. A.

  7. Knowing runes will come in handy if he choses to be a Led Zeppelin fan in later life.

  8. Of course, SPD. Why didn't I think of that? Unless Lunarossa's right, DJ, and he's going to be a medic!

    I think there's an OU module in there somewhere, FF.

    Oh, you wouldn't believe how long it took us, Jinksy. And he only had a little help from daddy, Sue.

    Thanks, Ruth and Sub. And I take that as a real compliment, Jenny, coming from so distinguished a card-designer.

    If I have my way he'll have no choice in the matter, Gadjo.

    Well, he's certainly got a way with a pencil, AG, that's for sure.

  9. Ah bless! Handmade cards mean so much more than the Hallmark ones!

  10. Hello! Just popped by the first time, I see you opted to follow my blog, thank you. Seeing yours now, I shall be doing the same. Your children look gorgeous and I love the blog picture. Shall be back to read more later.

  11. I cannot believe that I am STILL pregnant and apparently missed Mothering Sunday by only a few days. No chocolats and flowers for me. Only a kick from the inside and another sleepless night.
    Though I have to say that breakfast in bed is what my lovely husband does for me quite regularly. I am one lucky lady.

  12. I wrote about how Christians had hijacked the Pagan calendar only yesterday! It is a travesty!

    I am very impressed by Charlie's dexterity and computer skills!

  13. Oh I agree totally, Rosie. There aren't manyh bought cards that are worth the money, but a bit of time and effort making one makes all the difference.

    Great to see you here, RtbC. (Great name, btw - after the Ian Dury song, I suppose?)

    Nice timing (the kick, I mean) MM. Enjoy those breakfasts...

    Wow! Blogging serendipity - I'm off to have a look, WoNI. See you in a mo.

  14. That is a beautiful card! I agree with Single Parent Dad!

  15. There seems to be no end to Charlie's talents!

  16. You DO know what mom's like!
    How fortunate for Charlie.

  17. That's a very pretty card and has a lot thought to it.

    CJ xx


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