Saturday, 28 February 2009

In camera

There seems to have been a great deal of fuss lately about bloggers 'revealing' themselves to all and sundry on the internet. It got me thinking, for the first time, about what I'm doing here. Maybe I should be more circumspect; perhaps names should be changed. But on the other hand, I'm doing nothing that I haven't done for twenty years in front of a class full of relative strangers. Kids ask questions, teachers answer them; it seems a normal part of human interaction. To be honest, I don't say anything here I wouldn't tell a stranger in the pub if I was so inclined. Perhaps we've all become too frightened of identity fraud, or something?
Anyway, another 'tag', this time courtesy of Cheshire Wife and Jenny Smith. I've got to go to the fourth photo in the fourth folder in 'My Pictures' and then show you what I find. Here it is:

It's a photo taken from the tower of Boston Stump, the day - four years ago - that Sarah and I got engaged. We went to our favourite restaurant, then climbed the tower and admired the views of Lincolnshire. A special moment.

And in other news, I've just been interviewed by the author Caroline Smailes; you can read it on her blog, here.

I wonder if I should have asked her to disguise my voice?

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