Sunday, 4 January 2009


This is not a real post. I was tagged, before Christmas, by Nunhead Mum and rattled off the answers in a comment on her blog. It was the 'seven random revelations' one, and as Soo has asked for it as well I thought I'd better post it properly:
  1. I'm a virgo;
  2. I was born in Colchester;
  3. I can drink red/white/rose till it comes out of my ears and still not fall over - I wish I would, sometimes;
  4. I think I've just found out the meaning of life. It has a lot to do with Laurie Lee;
  5. I love blogging; I used to read the papers, but this is much more entertaining;
  6. I'm a big softee - that bit in 'Railway Children' when Jenny Agutter shouts "Daddy, oh my daddy" - well, I'm filling up now; and
  7. I'm impulsive - it's a quarter to eleven (whatever Blogger says) and I should be in bed (Charlie's got croup - the last two nights have been quite bad.) But I'm here instead. And I can count to seven!

Of course, numbers one to three don't make much sense unless you've read NM's post (which you can do here). And number seven is no longer true, although - worryingly - it is still very late (or early) and I'm awake again because Charlie's not been well. We've all had colds this Christmas (except for me - I had man-H1N5) and Charlie's coughing like he's got a fifty-a-day Capstan full-strength habit. I still stand by number five, though. Blogging's great - and what else would I be doing at quarter-to-three in the morning?

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