Friday, 28 November 2008

4 x 4

I’m suffering something of a tagging backlog. I’ve still got Gadjo Dilo’s music list to finish (you can find that work in progress here); I was tagged a while ago by Soo as well so if I don't get this one done (courtesy of Cheshire Wife) I'll get so far behind I'll lose the plot. And apologies if you clicked the title expecting an anti-Chelsea Tractor rant. (I'll get round to that one!). Anyway, four questions and four answers to each question. So, here goes:

Four places that I go over and over...

  • Bridlington sur Mer (my parents live there)
  • Boston Stump (why wouldn't you, if you live in Boston?)
  • Hunton Bridge, Herts (where Sarah's mum lives)
  • Trinity Tots (where I can have a coffee and some adult company!)

Four of my favourite places to eat...

  • Bizzarro (as often as possible, which is not often enough)
  • The Ball House (although I don't think we've been back since setting it on fire!)
  • The Star of India (Indian, obviously)
  • Albert’s (Chinese, not obviously)

Four TV shows you could watch over and over...

  • Fawlty Towers (why did they stop at twelve episodes?)
  • In Search of… (Michael Wood’s history series. Has anyone out there got this on tape?)
  • Test match cricket, on the BBC (preferably introduced by Peter West)

Four people who e-mail me regularly...

  • Sarah
  • Facebook (as of three weeks ago - that's another story!)
  • My dad
  • Sunday Times Wine Club

Now I'm supposed to tag four more bloggers, but I don't seem awfully successful in having that gauntlet taken up (I'm obviously choosing the wrong people!) so... I'm going to tag four non-blogging blog readers: Katy (go on, you know you want to!); Julie; Eric and Jeannette. They can e-mail me their answers, or else include them in a comment. There!


  1. Very nice of you not to tag any bloggers... this meme stuff really needs to stop.

    Have you seen Mr. Linky?

  2. They stopped at 12 episodes of 'Farty Towels' because they didn't want anyone to say it isn't as good as it used to be.

    I like reading these memes - it tells us a bit more about the person behind the blog.

    Thanks for sharing. x

  3. I can't make up my mind about it. Susannah. Like Kitty, I enjoy readeing them but don't actually enjoy doing 'em. Oh well. Shouldn't you be marking, AG?

  4. I quite like these things too...helps fill in the blanks and satisfies my nosiness gene...but the tagging itself is a challenge...everyone seems to have been 'done' recently enough that it seems impertinent to bother them again..

    I can't agree with watching the cricket on TV...but love the text commentary on the Beebs website

    ...and as for AG...I think she can't mark as she's got a hangover...

  5. "Flowery Twats" was the pinnacle of British TV humour, and they basically cut while they were ahead, bless 'em!

    Yes yes, I get pretty tired pretty quickly with all those memes as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mal :)

  6. Peter West!!!!!!?????? Is he still alive?

    If he is I do beg his pardon.


    thank you for your comments on my post 'toe in the water'. Unfortunately, the book I have written is entirely factual, not fiction at all. I say unfortunately, but I do not really mean it as there were so many things that happened that have made me into a different person now - one that I sometimes love and at other times hate, unfortunately again!
    I hope that one day I will see my book published. I have put my heart and soul into it and worked through the tears. It must be just amazing to have your book on the shelves. I hope that you will comment further on my blog. Regards.

  8. My sentiments exactly, Nota Bene - which is why I'm tagging 'lurkers'. (Unfair that they should get away with it, don't you think? And having just read Auntie Gwen's last post, I think you must be right!)

    Did I miss something, Scarlett? (Hope not!)

    Anyway, 'quit while you're ahead' is the best reason, TG. But could John Cleese's second marriage have anything to do with it?

    I hope so, and if not Moannie then he'll be introducing TV highlights to the Heavenly hosts.

    I will indeed, Anonymous. Reading blog posts is becoming something of an addiction. (They're much better than the newspapers!)

  9. I always say I'll do these meme things then dip out afterwards. trouble is i don't know how to cut and paste.


  10. Hunton Bridge, Herts!!!! I was raised in Abbots Langley and I used to walk through Hunton Bridge every day on my way to Langleybury school (now closed down, of course)!

    I love cricket too, and I think I'm right in saying that Hunton Bridge's village team reached the final of something important back when I was there (though not playing for them, I hasten to add).

  11. My family and I once visited Boston stump for a Bank Holiday day out - I seem to recall climbing a fantastic tower, possibly St Botolph's, and looking out over Lincolnshire as a spectacular thunder storm approached. That was a typical Bank Holiday for us.

  12. four people who email me ... Sunday Times WIne Club had me smiling.

    I was thinking of four actual people, but in terms of frequency my list would have to include an ultra right-wing American lot, financial news letters, prescription meds and nerdy computer things. I don't remember signing up for any of these but they got me somehow.

    Thank god the penis enhancers seem to have got bored otherwise they would have headed the frequency list. Actually I did laugh at the "promote you little soldier of love" one. Quite creative. And "polaris in the bedroom".

    Fortunately most it now goes into spam thanks to a 'learning' filter.

  13. Thank you for playing. Very innovative title and different and interesting answers.

  14. Sod it. I thought by your title of 4 x 4 that you were going to have a go at those urban tractors that take all the parking spaces at school.

    will visit again later

  15. That was a great idea to tag non blogging readers. I must remember to do that next time. I will come back to follow some of your links after the movie as they look interesting.

  16. I tried cutting and pasting this one, Jenny - but Blogger made such a b#8lls up of it that I almost gave up!

    You're a lucky man, Gadjo - it's a lovely part of the world (so close to London). And yes, Hunton Bridge were in the final of the village cricket competition - Sarah's father even went to Lord's to watch them!

    It claims to be one of the tallest church towers in the country, Steve. (Goodness knows why it's called the 'Stump'!) And you're right - the views are amazing.

    I had to delay the meme, Ernest, until I filtered all the offers of Viagra or on-line gambling.

    Thanks, CW. Although the 'innovative' title seems to have misled Jenny. Don't worry, Jenny. I'm with you on the 4x4s and have got a rant up my sleeve.

    I just hope they respond, DJ. Be a shame if they don't.

  17. HIGNFY just goes from strength to strength. I managed to get tickets to watch it being recorded once - it was brilliant - but have been unsuccessful since in applying for tickets.
    We're having a week in Hunstanton next sumer - you'll have to wave to us from the Boston Stump (or flash a torch at night).

  18. I think if I lived near a restaurant named Bizarro, I'd try to frequent it as much as possible too.
    I'm also astounded that F.T. quit at 12 episodes. I feel like I was always watching it growing up, but I suppose when you're young, you don't mind repetition!

  19. I bet it was, Troy! And did it go on for longer than the broadcast thirty minutes, too? I once went to a recording of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' that seemed to last all evening.

    You would if the food was as good as it is there, ZnT. I'm sure I remember watching more than twelve episodes of FT, too.

  20. At the HIGNFY recording it lasted about 2 hours. They cut it down to 30 minutes for the programme yet seemed to leave hardly anything out. Spooky or what?

  21. Like your watching choices. BTW can you remember the name of the chairman of the selectors (if it is still him) David something or other. I can't recall his name and it's been bugging me. Yorkshire Pudding looks/looked like him a few years ago...(check family photo on his's uncanny!)

  22. Like a comedy version of the Tardis eh, Troy? I bet two hours seemed like only thirty minutes though.

    I think you mean David Graveney, H. He's not Chairman of Selectors any more, though - Geoff Miller is. Hope that helps!


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