Friday, 5 September 2008

You'll enjoy it when you get there...

For someone who enjoys school (and there's a lot to enjoy at Tower Road) and who is reasonably good at it, Sally has been looking forward to the start of term like a trip to the dentist, annoyed and incredulous that the holiday's have ended. So to hear, after day one, that it was 'brilliant' and to receive the same excited news on day two comes as a relief, not least because it vindicates our constant reassurance that she would enjoy it when she got there. 'So we were right about it, then?' 
'Well, yes' she will admit. 'But I'd still rather be on holiday!'


  1. Maybe there is something in schooldays being the best days of our lives.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Whilst I don’t really remember my first days at school, after all, that was 35 years ago - I do remember the smell! That said I can only recall it when I smell the smell again. My former line of work took me into a number of First and Primary schools and every now and then I would be transported back (in feelings only) to those early days. I have a fondness associated with that time, but other than a handful of specific memories, too much more I don’t recall.

    Thanks for visiting my blog – and I can genuinely claim that my life has been enriched by visiting your blog, because I now know what a Dotterel is.


  3. I really didn't want my boys to go back to school and was even more peeved at 4pm on Friday when Adventure Boy 1 said "I'm bored, I want to be in school!"

  4. Hey, he's right about the smell!

    (A Dotterel's a plover, isn't it? That's all well and good, but I've never known why you call yourself that.)

  5. You need to look at this, Gadj -
    And yes, he is right about the smell. (Still haunts me to this day!). I'm not sure whether I was peeved or not, AM, but I know exactly what you mean. The feeling's mutual, Dave. As I said, welcome to the SAHD club! I think schooldays can only really be classed as the best days of our lives in retrospect, CM. I'm certainly glad (after thirty-odd years) mine are finally behind me!


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