Thursday, 18 September 2008

Nearly right, Charlie.

Auditioning for a toothpaste ad...


  1. Wow Dot, he looks just like you, good work!

  2. But he hasn't got any teeth yet, has he?

  3. Yes,Gadj - two! (It's never too early to look start looking after them, either.) You think so, Eddie - poor boy!

  4. Oh boy, Charlie is a handsome little man. No doubt about it!

    I come from a childhood where looking after teeth wasn’t big on the agenda. Society in general didn’t seem too worried that dentists were pulling out children’s teeth in the thousands.

    We’ve been brushing our children’s teeth since their teeth first poked through, but haven’t yet managed to get them to form the habit of brushing their own teeth.

    We’ll persist though.

    He’s just sooooooooo CUTE!

    Btw, If that’s your wife speaking…. She has a beautiful voice!

    All the best.

  5. Thanks, Dave - it is; I'm sure she'll be very pleased!

  6. But Charlie says what about his voice?

  7. Don't worry Charlie, I heard what you said, but I'm afraid your Daddy won't let me buy beer for you. I'm sorry.

  8. But you could buy a beer for me, Dave.

  9. True, but you won't share it with Charlie, and that's not a good lesson for him to learn. I'm not sure I could support that kind of hypocrisy. :-)

  10. Very cute baby and video. My son likes to brush his teeth in the bathtub too! Then you've got to pry it from his tiny little fists.

    Thanks for stopping by BloggerDad!

  11. Way to go to make brushing your teeth fun. My son isn't even 6 yet but he's already lost four 'baby' teeth (costing me a fortune!) and I tell him the Tooth Fairy leaves more money if they are really clean teeth. You should see that boy brush!

  12. Seriously, Charlie is one adorable baby and well on his way to having healthy teeth and gums--mostly gums for the moment right?

    Thanks for commenting on our little family blog too. :)


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