Monday, 7 July 2008

Podium finish

I must say, by way of introduction, that the joys of motor-racing are something of a mystery to me. But much as I don't want Charlie to grow up to be a petrol-head, we simply had to watch the Grand-Prix on Sunday because Sarah's brother works for the Honda race team. This is Charlie watching his uncle Rob's driver - Rubens Barrichello - finish third. He seems to have enjoyed it!


  1. A happy lad.

    I hope you remind him of this when he's a surly teenager like the rest of us were!

  2. It's difficult to imagine that now, although I'm sure the time will come.

  3. Definitely a petrol-head in the making, I'd say. Clenched fist of triumph and everything!

  4. He is so cute! Just admiring his cute baby smile...What a little cutie......

  5. He is, isn't he? (But of course, I'm biased!)

  6. Oh, he is gorgeous! Good enough to eat.


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