Sunday, 8 June 2008

A tooth!

No sooner has he started eating 'solids' (if you can call them that - the so-called baby rice and Sarah's pureed sweet potato) than he's got a tooth. To be honest, all the signs were there already: pink cheeks, and saliva by the bucketful. Someone only said to us this morning, 'is he teething?' but our standard answer so far has been, no - his cheeks are red due to his eczema. He's had dry skin now for a while; Sarah tried suggesting to the health visitor that it might be worthwhile for the doctor to examine him. On about the third or fourth occasion she agreed (receptionists have nothing on them!) and eczema was diagnosed immediately. So we've assumed his cheeks are red because of that, and dutifully rubbed his ointments in at night. Maybe feeding him (he's taken to his little pots of coloured mush with gusto) has made us more observant; anyway, at teatime this afternoon Sarah noticed, as she spooned another mouthful in, what looked suspiciously like a lump of undissolved baby rice in Charlie's mouth . Further investigation revealed a sharp little white tooth poking through the gums! And judging by the nip he gave my finger, and the fact that she's still breast-feeding, it's a wonder Sarah hasn't noticed it before.


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