Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father's Day

Charlie's present to me was a sleepless night - Sarah even slept in Sally's old room just to get some rest. But then this morning, it was all made right again by tea in bed with cards and presents: first, a lovely book from Sally plus a keyring and two cards (one, a pyramid card she made at Brownies topped with an awful photograph of me from God-knows when!); next, a photo-poster from Charlie (courtesy of Sarah) with selected pictures from the last five months, plus card. Of course Charlie (wide awake, in spite of waking every hour on the hour from about eleven) was more interested in trying to eat the wrapping paper. But the sun was shining, roast beef ready to be put into the oven and a family day in the offing. Nothing beats that feeling, in spite of having next to no sleep for the previous evening.


  1. Excellent "fake surpirse" photos!

  2. I was NOT prepared to see a picture of you in bed! Warning, next time, please...!!!

  3. Point taken (although believe me, it could be worse!)


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