Monday, 2 June 2008

Back to school

But for the last time. With only seven weeks and two days left, I'm already feeling de-mob happy. It's a good job that there's some adrenalin pumping because a weekend at another wedding (Kay and Tony's this time) has left us all rather short of sleep and energy. Charlie slept so badly on Friday evening that I was up before six next morning pushing him around the hotel lobby so that Sarah and Sally could get an extra hour or two in bed. Of course he charmed the hotel staff by smiling at them all and chuckling when they talked to him, while I propped myself up on the pushchair trying desperately to prevent my eyes from closing. I even tried the hotel pool just after it had opened simply in an effort to wake up. Still, the weather was fantastic, the food was good and after being held by all the relatives Charlie was clearly a little more in need of sleep on Saturday. Sarah did the sensible thing and went to bed about eleven, but Sally and I danced on 'til after midnight. So Sunday morning was not really that much better, although it could have been worse. Katy's boyfriend left the reception shortly after we did, driving through the night from Telford and sleeping for a few hours in his car before departing from Sleaford at six on Sunday morning on a coach to France. My days of doing such school trips, of course, will soon be over; there's a day to Alton Towers and then trips to Lincoln and to Cambridge left before the end of term.

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  1. Yes true I was still suffering from lack of sleep on the followng thursday! But I seem to have recovered now (thank goodness!) love you Daddy xxx


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