Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Word is Out!

Without really telling anyone specifically, most people now seem to be aware of my career change. Indeed, the news seems to have spread like a virus to other local schools. Reports have reached me of car park conversations in which the number of resignations almost reaches double-figures, casting me as some kind of crusading quitter leading ranks of disaffected teachers from the classroom. The truth is - this year's hassles notwithstanding - my career-break is something we've been planning for some time. Although the current economic climate doesn't seem too great - food prices up by 15%, rice riots in Indonesia and Burkino Faso, the inexorable rise in price of oil. But some things come without a price-tag - like Charlie smiling first thing in the morning, his eyes widening and looking up in hope and trust and expectation. And the increasingly vocabulary of his baby noises, tested publically at evensong most recently on Sunday. Boston Stump is a bigger acoustic than the little church in Wales that he experimented with last week, and Charlie seemed to know it. Nobody complained, thank goodness (granny was in charge, while we were singing) and the noises were all amiable, experimental sounds rather than full-blooded screams. And thanks to Sarah's mum we were then able to have a glass of wine or two (or three) at the choir chaplain's post-evensong party. By the end of the evening several more of us were making amiable, incoherent noises, and we certainly slept well on Sunday night. Things don't really get much better!

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