Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dave and Hannah's wedding

It wasn't Charlie's first wedding: that distinction went to Sarah's brother Rob and his wife Vicki back in March. But it was the first that he actively took part in. We sat at the back of the tiny church of St Cybi in Llangybi, but space was big enough for Charlie to try out the acoustic. He squealed at the point when the vicar asked '...if any man knows just cause or impediment' and then cooed loudly in the prayers and while the choir sang the anthem. The only time he seemed to shut up was when the rest of us were singing hymns. But it didn't seem to matter: Dave and Hannah had written in their invitation that there would be several babies at the wedding and that they wouldn't 'feel properly married unless someone has gurgled or squealed through the quiet bits' adding that 'it seems a shame to add that to the best man's duties'. And true to form, just as one of the infants started, so another joined in until pretty soon the church resounded to a chorus of baby noises. 'What's the collective noun for a group of babies?' Sarah asked. 'A squeak' said Sally, 'or perhaps a cry.'


  1. 'A babble of babies', surely?

  2. That sounds appropriate, Sarah!
    Sarah said Charlie had been vocal at the wedding, but in that crucial moment?! Well done Charlie for the comic value! x


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