Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pastel Green

After trying about half a dozen sample pots over the past few weeks we finally managed to decide on the colour for Charlie's bedroom yesterday. And being a typical May Bank Holiday Monday, I then spent the rest of day indoors listening to Test Match Special and watching the rain whilst decorating. Actually the weather wasn't all that bad compared to Sunday. It sounds agricultural to say we needed rain, which we did, though not in such prodigious quantities and accompanied by such a howling gale. Thank goodness it wasn't like that on Saturday for Mel and Andy's wedding (number three of four this year for us). Charlie behaved himself in the service this time, saving all his energy for heckling the Best Man's speech. But as I was the one delivering it, this was still rather distracting. The tale about a cannabis bust involving carrot tops (the groom is a policeman) and the one about a tribe of Zulu warriors rampaging through the streets of Holbeach went down well, as did anything involving Andy's dog (he's a former police dog-handler). The only thing that didn't get the laugh I'd hoped for was the quip at the beginning of the speech about the new 'John Terry' vodka (bottled in Russia). No-one told me some of the guests were Chelsea fans!


  1. Your best man speech was great and I really enjoyed it as did everyoneand all of it was really funny especially the bit about the carrot tops and your bango playing (which you have forgotten to mention in your blog entry) was awesome too!

  2. You're my biggest fan! Love you, darling!


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