Monday, 28 April 2008

The week from Hell

As if it couldn't get any worse, Sarah has gone down with 'flu - the full works: aches-and-pains and shivering, a temperature and sore-throat, headache, inability to move and a need to sleep. Yesterday was like a foretaste of the Hell-enly banquet with Sally literally left holding the baby in the morning, then me juggling bottle feeds with feeding Sally, trying desperately to get Charlie to have a nap and failing, thus necessitating him accompanying Sally round the park and to the Stump on the St George's day parade. Thankfully, Sarah had rallied by the time we got back home, and so was at least able to look after Charlie while I cooked dinner. And then on Wednesday, we've got Ofted (joy of joys!) and so it's headless chicken-time at work. This is one of those occasions when difficulties at home lend a nice sense of perspective to what is otherwise the most stressful thing to happen in a school. But then, this has been the most unbelievably stressful year, with all the changes that we've had to manage. It's almost been like having Ofsted permanently, since September. So, in a sense, they can bring it on. We're ready for them. And what hasn't been done yet, won't be done at all. Too late; tough luck. I've got a wife and family to look after.

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