Ok, so what would you like to know?

Really? Well I'm not telling you that. Not here. You'll have to make do with this list instead...

1.  I used to be a teacher, but...
2.  I've also been a chain-man
3.  And a filing-clerk
4.  And a lay-clerk
5.  Now I'm 'just' a dad
6.  And I write this blog
7.  And I write some other stuff
8.  And I have an MA in Education
9.  And a Diploma in Creative Writing
10.And a 100 metres swimming certificate (breast-stroke)

You could say I'm media-friendly, having appeared on both the BBC and ITV telly-box as well as being a regular contributor to various BBC Radio programmes.

Should you want to, you can email me. I'm thedotterel@gmail.com
Or you can tweet me: I'm @dotterel.
Or if you prefer, I have a nice place for carrier pigeons to land and take refreshment

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